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The Northwestfur Brand

What is the value of our brand?

The Northwestfur jackets are invented, developed, and manufactured in Russia. They are perfect for a variety of climates. Our jackets have been tested by the weather in Central Russia with humid winters, on the Barents Sea coast, in the harsh conditions of the Altai mountains, in the icy Yakutia, and in the Polar Urals. Everywhere, they have proven to be reliable clothing that never lets you down and saves from cold, wind, and moisture.

Main principles of the brand:


We only use high quality materials for our jackets. From fabrics to accessories, our first consideration when we choose the components for our jackets is quality and reliability. We care that your jacket does not let you down because of a broken zipper or a bad buckle. This is why we monitor the quality of our jackets thoroughly before you can buy them. In addition, our jackets have a two-year warranty, which allows our customers to feel protected if latent defects are found during later use.


The result of the use of quality materials in our jackets is their durability. Our jackets can retain their consumer qualities and an acceptable appearance for a long time. Durable things save your money and have a positive impact on the environment. Instead of throwing things away every year, you can wear them for several years, thus making a contribution to environment protection.


A simple and classic design is a distinctive feature of Northwestfur jackets. Out of time and fashion, our jackets emphasize your individuality and look equally natural in a business environment and in the wilderness, away from civilization. Simple design jackets provide reliability with every detail tested and being in its proper place. There are no decorations or marketing tricks. We do not make up any high-profile names for fabrics or accessories. Northwestfur jackets are like the food of an austere traveler, a piece of meat with salt cooked on fire. Nothing excessive and thus even more attractive.


We do not make our jackets for fashion shows so functionality comes first. Just what you need, not a single excessive detail or a gram of excessive weight. We have thought of everything to the last detail so you need not even think of how comfortable your jacket is. This is why our jackets have knitted cuffs and collar insides, which can be replaced easily. Our jackets have many convenient pockets and deep hoods. Our practical jackets are very easy to care of. They can stand multiple washes with ease.

If you need convenient and reliable clothing that will not fail in cold weather, choose our jackets! Simplicity, reliability, and functionality is what is valued the most in winter outdoor clothing. And we have made it real in Northwestfur jackets.